Hotel Review: Santorini Dreaming at Esperas Houses

Finding Esperas Houses for the Santorini leg of our Greek honeymoon remains one of my all-time greatest travel planning achievements. I knew I wanted to stay in picturesque Oia, in one of the hotels built into the cliffside overlooking the caldera, and I didn’t want to pay $500 per night for the privilege. The guidebook I had purchased led me to believe such a thing was impossible, but I combed through thousands of TripAdvisor reviews and photos, and miraculously stumbled upon Esperas, which fit the bill perfectly. When your expectations are so high going in, it’s easy to be disappointed, but Esperas exceeded our expectations in every aspect.



We stayed in a Studio House (House #119). If Esperas has a theme, it’s caves. There’s a gorgeous cave pool (more on that later) and the beds are built in a cave style that gives the room a cozy feel.


Because we were honeymooning, they left us balloons and a congratulatory message in our room, which was so sweet.


Our studio had a little window with a beautiful view.


We didn’t really need the window, though, because we had a spectacular private balcony. Or rather, two balconies: a small, narrow terrace right outside our room with some chairs, and, down a flight of stairs, a much larger terrace with sun loungers and a table and chairs.



We spent many hours reading on those sun loungers, and enjoying those incredible Santorini sunsets.



The pool area is a big highlight of Esperas. Infinity pools are everywhere now, but have you ever swum in a cave pool? I loved having the option to swim in the shade, since I’m very pale and burn even with SPF 100 on (there are plenty of sunny areas as well, for the sun worshipers).




The pool area also has a great view of the caldera.


Not that you need it, with all there is to see in Oia and the rest of Santorini, but the hotel had a lot of entertainment options, especially for its relatively remote location. The free wi-fi was very fast (faster than many “business” hotels I’ve stayed at in the US), and they have a well-stocked collection of magazines in various languages and English DVDs (a mix of recent releases and Greek-themed movies). There’s also an adequate on-site restaurant, although I’d recommend leaving the hotel for most meals.


I’m not exaggerating when I say Esperas was the #1 highlight of our two weeks in Greece. It’s one of the most beautiful and unique places I’ve ever stayed, and at a surprisingly reasonable price. Even though I typically don’t like traveling to places I’ve been before, and if I do, I want to at least experience them in a different way, my husband and I definitely plan to return to Esperas for a milestone anniversary and have an exact redo of this part of our honeymoon.  I tell everyone who will listen that Santorini and especially Esperas is the place to go for a honeymoon.


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