Fall Fun at Turkey Run State Park

Indiana is gorgeous in the fall. The crisp weather, the color in the trees, the way the air smells after it rains – I love it all and it makes me want to get outside and explore. With our busy lives, getting outside more often means a walk around the neighborhood than an elaborate excursion, but when a free weekend presents itself, I like to head to one of Indiana’s state parks. Late last month, we visited Turkey Run, a park about an hour west of Indianapolis that is famous for its deep sandstone gorges.


Turkey Run is nice because most of the trails leave from the same spot in the woods behind the nature center, which means it’s easy to cover a lot of ground in a fairly short amount of time. We began by heading across the park’s landmark suspension bridge that spans Sugar Creek.


We explored several a couple of different trails over here, making our way through muddy ravines and hillsides filled with lovely fall foliage.



After that, we walked along the creek bed to the Narrows Covered Bridge. Indiana sure loves its covered bridges, but you won’t hear any complaints from me. They’re so charming and photogenic!


The trail ends in several large, flat rocks with a nice view of the bridge. It made me wish we had packed a picnic lunch to enjoy while we took in the view.


Like most Indiana state parks, Turkey Run allows leashed dogs on trails. Many of the trails aren’t as great for dogs (especially small ones) as trails at some other parks we’ve been to, because they have ladders or wooden staircases with narrow slits that tiny paws can slip through. Dancer gives her endorsement to the trail to the covered bridge (trail #10) though. It’s pretty flat and nice and easy underfoot.


2 thoughts on “Fall Fun at Turkey Run State Park

  1. Ahhh, those bridges are gorgeous! It reminds me that I think we have a few around here in Virginia and I need to get out and find them. Your photo of the wooded trail makes me want to get out hiking asap (this is my favorite time of year to do so).


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