Farewell, 2017

I began 2017 at a nightclub in Havana, Cuba and will end it in a decidedly less exciting but still lovely fashion – at home in sweatpants, baking, snuggling with my pup and definitely not going outside AT ALL. The high tomorrow isn’t supposed to get above 0 degrees Fahrenheit, making this New Year’s Day almost 100 degrees colder than my last one.


Unless you count the 36 hours in Havana that started the year, my only international jaunt this year was to Italy. But oh what a trip it was! In just a week, we managed to see the highlights of ancient Rome and Vatican City, and spend a couple of days taking in the postcard worthy views of Cinque Terre. And of course we can’t forget the food, which is an important part of travel for me anywhere but nowhere more so than in Italy. Enjoying pasta, cheese and gelato multiple times per day (and taking my first food tour) were major highlights of the trip for me.



Even though I only left the US once, I traveled quite a bit around my home country. I started the year with a trip to New Orleans, where I spent most of my time eating but managed to take in some jazz and pretty architecture too. I also made two trips to Maine, including a side trip to Portland, a part of the state I hadn’t explored in much depth before.

image1 copy

image1 copy 2

Even closer to home, I visited Madison and the Wisconsin Dells, Iowa, and many corners of Indiana, including weekends in Fort Wayne, South Bend and Bloomington and many day trips to Indy and its suburbs to eat, most notably at an all-you-can-eat mac and cheese festival.

image1 copy 3

Whether you’re off on a fantastic adventure or cozy at home, wishing you all a happy, healthy 2018!

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